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Diverse Young Leaders in Somalia

With our first Hub we are going more local and bringing DYL Projects to Somalia. The local Hub plans and executes projects independently and works towards making youth leadership more accessible to young Somalians! 

Diverse Young Leaders Somalia Hub Members


We will soon begin our first projects in Somalia. Stay tuned! You can also contact the Somalia Hub via the following addresse:

You want to become the founder of a DYL Hub?

If you're interested in founding your own local Diverse Young Leaders Hub, you can contact us via E-Mail:


In your E-Mail please give us the following informations: 

- Information about you and what you currently do

- How you found out about DYL and why you would like to open a Hub

- Your first project idea you would like to implement (can be short)

- Where you see your Hub in 1 year, 2 years and 5 years respectively


Please indicate in the reference of your E-Mail "New DYL Hub". 

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